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How to Download Rand Mcnally Dock Software?

How to Download Rand McNally Dock Software?

GPS has drastically changed the modern-day lifestyle in terms of technology, and culture. This innovative technology is used in almost all aspects of human life. One of the leading providers of this technology is Rand McNally. In order to manage its cutting-edge products and services, it offers a user-friendly software application called Rand McNally Dock. This free-of-cost utility application is exceptionally simple to use and deploy.  

 Setup Rand McNally Dock Software

With a highly efficient and user-centric application like Rand McNally Dock Software available at hand, its proper deployment is essential. Although a quick and convenient process, it must be performed accurately. For this, you must take care of certain factors. 

  • To begin with, your Computer must conform to the specified System Requirements. You can check the same here. Along with the requirements, you must also check your Computer to ensure the same. These details are easily available on your Computer. In case of Windows Device, check “My Computer”. Similarly, check the “About this Mac” location on your Mac Device. 
  • In addition to that, you will need a high-speed Internet Connection that is uninterrupted. Rand McNally Dock Software advises you to prefer a Broadband Connection. 

The Setup process is divided into two distinct steps, namely Download and Installation. To begin with, you should Download Rand McNally Dock Software. Thereafter, launch the downloaded Setup File to access the Installer. This user-friendly Installation Wizard will guide you through the Installation process. All you have to do is simply follow the on-screen prompts. 

Download Rand McNally Dock Software

  1. In the very first place, it is essential to access a commonly available Internet Browser. To name a few, you may look for Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome etc. 
  2. Once you have the Browser window on your screen, go to its Address Bar located at the very top. Click on it. As you see the cursor blinking in this Bar, type in “randmcnally.com” correctly. Then, hit “Enter”.
  3. With this, you will get the Home page of the official website to Download Rand McNally Dock. Here, you should look at the top right-hand corner for the “Support” tab. Now, click on it. 
  4. As a result, it will take you to the required web page. Following that, you can proceed for the downloading process. 
  5. However, you will have to specify your Computer’s OS. This is important as you will need distinct Setup Files for different OS like Windows or Mac.
  6. As you select your OS, it will display the Download Link for both “Mac” and “Windows” based Devices. 
  7. Hence, click on the Download Link as per your Computer’s OS. In other words, click on the Download Link for “Windows” in case your Computer has a “Windows” OS. Alternatively, Mac users must click on the one meant for Mac Devices.
  8. Consequently, it will begin the downloading procedure. The process will take time based on the size of the file and your Network’s Speed. 
  9. Hence, wait for the same. Meanwhile, make sure not to close down the window. Also, ensure that your System remains On. 
  10. Thereafter, it will automatically save the downloaded setup file in your Computer’s Download’s Folder. 

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