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Rand Mcnally Directions: All You Need to Know in 2020

Rand Mcnally Directions: All You Need to Know in 2019 

Rand McNally is one the leading location technology specialists that is known for its cutting-edge innovation in terms of GPS based solutions.  It offers an extremely versatile range of products that cater to both the household as well as business users. For instance, Most of its products accompany beneficial tools to enhance the fruitfulness of its ingenious products. One of these is known as Rand McNally Directions.

Understand Rand McNally Directions

Most of the Rand McNally GPS Devices come with an exceptionally beneficial feature called Rand McNally Directions. It is one of the most effective and productive tools offered by this location technology specialist. 

This user-friendly tool facilitates in determining the real-time location of users with pin-point accuracy. Along with that, it assists users with the most feasible directions to reach a specified location. In this way, it eliminates all sorts of confusion involved in navigation. Another key point to remember is that it provides users with multiple routes of the same destination. Not only that, it delivers information for every route with utmost accuracy. Besides that, it supports this information with reliable images of these roads.

In short, Rand Mcnally Directions is a highly reliable and useful tool offered for the benefit of users of an intuitive GPS Device.

Characteristics That Makes An Exceptional Tool

  1. On account of unmatched quality images, it is capable of delivering accurate and reliable route information.
  2. Rand McNally Directions delivers instant Rand Mcnally Update for searched routes.
  3. It packs effective features like live-tracking.
  4. It facilitates road-wise tracking backed with a massive database of up-to-date maps.
  5. With this productive tool, you can avail accurate information instantly. 
  6. This beneficial tool is known for its pin-pointed accuracy. This is made possible due to its well-researched, and flawlessly detailed Maps. It crafts these Maps with utmost attention to style and accuracy.
  7. It designs long-lasting Maps in a way to assist you for long-term. You can use these Maps at Home, Work or School.
  8. This tool comes with the advantage of choosing the Starting and Destination point.
  9. It is equally beneficial during the night time for riders as it extends holistic information including obstacles on the route.

Procedure To Use 

➣ Primary Procedure

  1. Launch Rand McNally Maps Directions on your GPS Device.
  2. Go to the right-hand corner of your screen.
  3. Here, you will get a “More” or “Menu” icon i.e. the icon with three horizontal lines. Tap on it. 
  4. This will take you to the map’s turn-by-turn directions.
  5. At the very bottom of this window, you will notice “Arrows” meant to navigate the Route Steps. These Arrows will allow you to Scroll Up and Down.
  6. Following that, tap the “Slide-out” button. As a result, it will hide the given instructions.

➣ Alternate Procedure

  1. Go to the Menu of Rand McNally Directions on your Device.
  2. Now, tap Route Display Options. 
  3. As a result, you can view highways and major roads.
  4. Get the added advantage by selecting the Map View of the chosen route. In this way, you can also view Total Distance and Time.
  5. Along with that, it extends Trip Summary for trips with multiple stops.

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