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Rand McNally Mileage Calculator

Rand McNally Mileage Calculator

Rand McNally is a specialist dealing in GPS based Devices and Applications. It offers a wide range of navigation solutions for a variety of users like Trucks, Cars etc. In fact, it has supremacy in terms of professional GPS solutions especially curated for commercial vehicles. One of its extremely beneficial and useful software applications is known as Rand McNally Mileage Calculator.

Understand Rand McNally Mileage Calculator

Rand McNally Mileage Calculator or popularly known as MileMaker is the most efficient tool designed for commercial Fleet Management. As the name suggests, it is a simple mileage calculator that assists you in determining the mileage between two destinations. It has a massive database consisting of maps and roads of major parts of America. As such, it is equipped to deliver accurate mileage-related information for most of America. Its unusually large size of Road Atlas Mileage Chart ensures the same.

It is an industry-standard when it comes to managing commercial transportation and logistics. The best part is this award-winning solution is highly customizable to support most of the available Enterprise based Operating Systems. Not only that, Rand McNally ensures this ingenious software solution is well-integrated with most of the available transportation management applications.

In fact, it is estimated that more than 90% of America’s leading motor carriers, manufacturers and retailers depend upon this cutting-edge technological solution.

➣ Features Of Rand McNally Mileage Calculator

  1. Get highly Accurate and Customized pin-pointed mileages spanning across United States, Canada and Mexico.
  2. It offers a Practical and Industry-approved solution.
  3. 75% of the IFTA agencies employ State-wise Mileage Breakdowns.
  4. Trailers with both 53′ and 48’ lengths get access to its extensive database of Commercial Vehicle Highway Routing.
  5. Get benefits from spreadsheet analysis on account of in-built Excel.
  6. Highly Customizable as routing considers trailer configuration as well as load contents.
  7. Trailer Configurations determine its legal or physical restrictions on  the road. It considers these factors to calculate mileage based on customized routes.
  8. It also considers trailers carrying hazardous materials to deliver mileage as per the safest and legal route.
  9. Compatible with most of the popular Enterprise Platforms like Windows, Mainframe, AS/400, UNIX etc.
  10. It is a feature-packed logistic solution including Spreadsheets, Free Data Updates, Basic Hazmat &  Batch Processing.
  11. It facilitates IFTA reporting with the help of State/Province Mileage Summaries.
  12. Well-integrated with Microsoft Excel to provide accurate mileage calculations.
  13. Compatible with an extensive range of platforms. Check its specified System Requirements to get a detailed understanding of its versatility.

Use Rand McNally Mileage Calculator For Efficiency and Accuracy

Rand McNally Mileage Calculator is a highly efficient and effective tool in the hands of commercial truckers. Above all, this user-friendly calculation gadget boosts productivity of the accounting and operations segment of commercial fleet management. 

  1. Use its state-by-state mileage breakdowns to enhance the efficiency of your back-office operations.
  2. It facilitates in auditing fuel tax records, drivers’ logs, driver pay and bills of lading.
  3. With customizing routing, you can check out-of-route miles. In this way, you can save fuel and minimize your costs.
  4. Multiple mileage configurations like HHG mileages will help in arriving at better Negotiation Rates.
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