Rand McNally Update

Rand McNally Update

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Rand McNally Update

Rand McNally Update is the simplest means to ensure that your laser-sharp GPS Device always stays up-to-date. It is an essential activity that leaves your gadget in perfect health. Not only that, its Map Updates ensures your Device delivers pin-point accuracy. 

Get Rand McNally Update With a Simple Process

Rand Mcnally Dock

  1. For the purpose of Rand McNally Update, make sure that the sophisticated GPS Device is detached from your automobile. Along with that, it must be fully charged.
  2. Now, Turn On both the GPS Device and your Computer.
  3. Before proceeding further, ensure that your system is hooked to an Internet Network that is strong and stable.
  4. Hook up the GPS gadget to the Computer through the cable that accompanies your Device. 
  5. As you connect it, a “Connected” status will appear on the Display Screen of Rand McNally.
  6. In addition to that, your system will launch the previously installed  Rand McNally Dock.
  7. On its Homepage, locate the icon for Available Updates. In short, look for a sign with a diagonal arrow. If updates are available, then it will be highlighted in Green Colour. However, in the absence of any updates, it will be displayed in Grey Colour. Hence, click on it if updates are available.
  8. As such, the next window will enlist available Rand McNally Update for the connected GPS Device.
  9. Select the available Updates from this list. Although, it is recommended to select all of the available Rand McNally Update. 
  10. On the following window, look for highlighted Arrow Sign in Green Colour that reads “Begin Download”. Click on it and start downloading the available Rand McNally Update.
  11. Updates vary in size. Therefore, the actual time taken by the downloading process will also vary accordingly. Moreover, the downloading speed of your Internet will also affect it. This implies that you will have to wait until the process completes properly. 
  12. While you are waiting, keep track of the progress of the download. For this, check the status on the Dock. 
  13. Once you get the Confirmation message as the download completes, then, proceed for installing Rand McNally Update on your device.
  14. Look for another highlighted icon with an Arrow Sign. It must say “Transfer”. As such, click on it and transfer the downloaded updates to your sophisticated GPS gadget. 
  15. Subsequently, wait for the process to complete. Once, the process completes, you will get a notification from the Dock. 
  16. Finally, click “Back” and get back to the Dock’s Home window.
  17. At last, disconnect the Device when prompted to do so.    


Why Does Rand McNally Update Fails?

Rand Mcnally Update

While it is true that Rand McNally GPS Update is an extremely convenient, quick and user-friendly process. Yet, it cannot rule out the possibility of failures and issues from time to time. However, the major concern in the entire process is the strength and speed of your Internet Connection. 

Apart from that, lack of sufficient Free Space on your Hard Disk will also lead to its failure. Although, there are other reasons including issues with the Dock, OS, Firewall etc. responsible for such troubles.

Therefore, it is advised to consider some precautions before performing this process. You can check the same below.  


  1. In the very first place, give due consideration to your Internet Network. You must assure that your Internet Connection is strong, reliable and offers good downloading speed. If possible, prefer a Broadband Connection with LAN Cable instead of other options. 
  2. At the same time, ensure that your Computer is properly connected with the Network and is getting good signals/ speed. 
  3. In order to download Rand McNally Update, you must have its free of cost application called Rand McNally Dock. It is essential. Hence, ensure that you have already installed the same correctly on your Device. 
  4. Additionally, Register your GPS Device correctly at the Dock in case if you are a first-time user. 
  5. Above all, double-check your system’s Hard Drive for Free Space. You must ensure that your system has the required space available for Rand McNally Update. 
  6. Lastly, do not forget to ensure that your GPS Device is fully charged and turned On. This is because Dock will fail to recognize a Device that is powered off. Moreover, if your Device switches off during the downloading or installation process due to this reason. Then, the process will fail.